When designing public buildings and open spaces, architects choose polycarbonate sheets to let in light and add color.  


Polycarbonate is the preferred choice for swimming pool construction because of its ability to let in the maximum amount of natural light, providing excellent thermal insulation, as well as anti-fog properties and various options for radiation filtering coatings. The use of SOTON polycarbonate sheets helps to maintain a constant indoor temperature, keeping the room warm in winter and cool in summer.  


Easy to install and repair, polycarbonate sheets are ideal for any shape of roof window, including domes, arches, pyramids and curtain walls.   Due to their low weight and no need for additional structural support, our sheets are a simple, practical and economical solution for roof construction in large areas.  





  • Excellent light transmittance


  • Light weight


  • Wide range


  • Excellent strength and durability of a sheet


  • High transparency


  • Economical solution – excellent thermal insulation.


  • Easy to install and repair – no additional structural supports required


  • Coatings: anti-fog and radiation filtering
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