When you look at gyms, public spaces with large rooftops around the world, you can see how architects decide to use Polycarbonate to create attractive transparent roofing solutions.  


Polycarbonate sheets are consistently chosen for construction applications because of their ability to allow maximum natural light to enter rooms and halls, providing excellent thermal insulation, assisting to maintain a constant interior temperature and to conserve thermal energy during winter.  


Our sheets are easy to install and repair, making them ideal for any shape of roof windows, including domes, arches, pyramids and curtain walls, transforming every space into a work of art. Polycarbonate sheets are also chosen for their strength and durability. They are durable enough to withstand heavy impacts from racing cars, fast flying balls and charging players, and transparent enough for spectators to enjoy the game.  





  • Excellent light transmittance


  • Light weight


  • Excellent strength and durability of a sheet


  • High transparency


  • Economical solution – excellent thermal insulation


  • Easy to install and repair – no additional structural supports required


  • Radiation filtering coatings


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