The polycarbonate sheeting is ideal for creating attractive terraces, awnings and arbors for your home and garden. Their light weight makes them easy to assemble. Their superior thermal insulation and radiation filtering options help keep you warm in winter and cool in summer by allowing plenty of natural light to enter.


The multi-layer polycarbonate is strong and durable enough for walls, and also weather resistant, and is ideal for transparent roofs and solarium windows.


Our sheets are designed to withstand impacts, yet lightweight and flexible at the same time. They can be easily bent without pretreatment, cut to size, drilled as needed, and do not require complex building techniques or building permits – do-it-yourself!


The highest quality polycarbonate is available in different thicknesses and colors.




  • Excellent light transmittance


  • Light weight


  • Excellent strength and durability of a sheet



  • High transparency


  • Economical solution – excellent thermal insulation.


  • Easy to install and repair – no additional structural supports required


  • Radiation filtering coatings
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