Polycarbonate awnings (continued)

How to construct a polycarbonate carport by yourself?



Constructing a carport for your own car is a process that takes place in several stages:


  • Erection of a metal frame


  • Installation of polycarbonate sheets on the frame


  • Tight connection of all parts of the frame.





Here is a step-by-step construction guide:


1.    Along the entire perimeter of the territory, where it is planned to erect an awning, metal posts are installed. For the reliability of the structure, it is necessary to dig in four supports of the metal profile (section 25mm). In order for the structure to be as stable as possible, the pillars must be concreted.


2.    Above it is required to install transverse metal rails. They are first attached to the edges of the structure, and then they are connected to each other.


3.    The final stage is covering the roof with polycarbonate. The sheets are fixed end-to-end with self-tapping screws.  




An awning over the porch in a private house


To install a polycarbonate awning over a porch, you need to know certain rules. For novice constructers, an instruction has been developed:


  • Construction of the frame – when choosing a base, it is better to give preference to a square metal profile (section 25mm.). Using a grinder, you need to cut the profile into four parts (three of which are 1 meter in size, and one is 1.45 m). It is also necessary to purchase pipes for support (each of which is 2.5 m long).


  • The supports must be buried so that 50 cm of the pipes are in the ground and the rest (2 meters) above the ground. An important nuance – the base must be carefully concreted to ensure the reliability of the future structure.


  • Pipes (1 meter in size) are fixed to the wall of the house in such a way that the extreme sections touch the supports. The frame elements are connected using metal corners and self-tapping screws.


  • The next step is to install the cross-section – both ends are attached to the support. As a result, the frame should come out with a slight slope from the house, so that during showers, water does not accumulate, but flows down.


  • Final straight – elements are cut from a solid polycarbonate sheet to the size of the frame components. For this you need a standard utility knife. The finished elements are fixed to the frame with self-tapping screws.


This option is capital and solid. For the construction of a simpler structure, you cannot construct walls, but make a fence and decorate it with forged patterns.



An awning around the pool – a summer cottage option


The specificity of the pool shelter is that the structure does not rest on the wall, but on special pillars. The ideal option for this is an arch-shaped structure. How to make such an awning – read on:


•       Support posts are fixed at each corner of the pool. For structural reliability, the support pipe should be at least 32 cm in diameter.


•       Arched pipes are installed on the pillars. Experts recommend purchasing such a profile already ready-made, since it takes a lot of time to make it independently, and the quality does not always meet the specified requirements. Therefore, it is advisable to order pipes from a specialized company. The edges of the structure are welded into the pillars to ensure a long service life.


•       On top of the metal frame, polycarbonate parts are attached, which are butt-connected using self-tapping screws.


In addition to the metal frame, similar structures can be erected using wooden bases. However, at the same time, it should be borne in mind that wooden components must always be pre-treated with special impregnating substances in order to prevent the decay process and ensure long-term operation of the structure.

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