Polycarbonate gazebo: by your hand

Polycarbonate is a flexible, yet reliable construction material that even a novice inexperienced builder can handle. If you wish, everyone can construct a gazebo made of polycarbonate; to work with this construction material, you do not need special skills and abilities.


To help you here are detailed instructions:


  • Have you already found a place? Then we move on to preparing the drawings. Better when the area is flat, protected from gusts of wind. The choice of the shape and size of the arbor depends on what size the future structure will be. You can draw a diagram of the gazebo yourself, or you can find and download ready-made construction plans on the Internet.



  • Preparatory stage – you decide on the choice of material for the frame. If the base is made of wood, then the bars should be covered with an antiseptic to prevent decay processes. If you prefer practical construction materials, then it is better to give preference to a metal profile. However, this material also needs to be treated with anti-corrosion agents. If the budget is not limited, then the walls can be built with brick or stone.


  • The next stage is concrete casting of foundation. The selected site must be cleaned of debris and unnecessary vegetation. Further, according to the prepared drawing, the foundation is poured according to the size of the future gazebo. Columnar and strip foundations are an option for stationary gazebos with barbecue, and if a stove is planned to be installed in the gazebo, then your choice is a solid.


  • Installation of the frame. The technique is described in the article just above. If a wooden frame is planned, then the bars are fastened together with self-tapping screws. Metal profiles must be joined by welding. In the case of the construction of a brick frame, you cannot do without cement mortar.



  •   Roof installation is the final stage. Among the roof options: single-pitched, gable and hipped roof. Polycarbonate must first be divided into parts of the required size and fixed to the frame one by one. Standard nails are not suitable for this, since they can damage the material and it is possible that cracks will appear on the polycarbonate. Therefore, you should take care of this in advance and purchase bolts with thermal washers. And don’t forget to seal all the joints.


If required, the gazebo can be equipped with electricity, and if it is planned to install a fireplace or barbecue, then make sure that the floor covering is concrete to avoid a fire.


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