Polycarbonate gazebo by your hand

Admit, how pleasant it is on a warm summer evening to relax in the fresh air in a close friendly environment, savoring a fragrant barbecue, drinking glasses of Georgian wine. But for such a cozy pastime, you need to have an equipped gazebo, in which everyone will be comfortable and pleasant to be. The ideal option is their polycarbonate gazebo. It is very convenient to work with this constructing material, since it is light in weight and does not always require pouring the foundation. The structure can be built with your own hands, following the step-by-step instructions. In addition, polycarbonate is affordable and goes well with other construction materials such as wood, brick, metal.



Polycarbonate gazebos – a summer cottage option: what they are?


Before you start constructing a gazebo, you need to understand for yourself what the structure will be and what type.




Types of gazebos:


  • An open gazebo under an awning that stands on supports. The structure is open from all sides, and there is a roof. This is a great option for a holiday in the summer months. However, in winter, it will be uncomfortable in such a gazebo, since the snow will fly inside, and the wind will constantly blow on the gazebo.


  • Closed gazebos – so-called houses with walls and a roof, in which you can stay at any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions.


In addition, gazebos are divided according to the type of installation – stationary, as well as portable. Pavilions of the first type are more complex structures that require a foundation. Portable gazebos are quite convenient, since you can install them in any part of the suburban area and, if necessary, move them to any corner of the garden. An awning and a metal frame are required for a mobile gazebo.





Also gazebos are distinguished by technical characteristics:


  • Degree of equipment – a simple gazebo provides for benches, a table and an awning. In some models, a brazier or stove can also be installed.


  • By a set of functions – rectangular gazebos are designed for relaxation and pastime in the open area. But, since polycarbonate is a rather flexible material, it is really possible to construct a gazebo of any configuration from it – original and unusual, which will serve not only as a place for eating, but also become a wonderful decoration of the territory, creative decor.


By the type of construction, there are simple structures with an awning on supports and complex gazebos with a multi-level roof and an original base shape.




Choosing a shape for a polycarbonate gazebo


The choice of the form exclusively depends on the wishes and preferences of the customer. The most popular options are polycarbonate gazebos in the shape of a square or rectangle, which you can construct yourself.

Also, round and multifaceted gazebos have gained wide popularity – original and extraordinary options, however, the construction period is longer than simple gazebos. Open structures are often made in the form of a hemisphere or barrel, which not only perform a practical function, but also serve as an excellent decor for a summer cottage.





Foundation selection


The presence of a foundation is not a prerequisite for the construction of a gazebo using polycarbonate. The material is quite lightweight and does not require a solid foundation.


However, if the construction of a gazebo involves the use of wooden elements, brick fragments, then the foundation is still necessary.


An excellent option for capital structures is a strip or columnar base. If you plan to install a fireplace or barbecue in the gazebo, then choose a solid foundation.


If you plan to construct a gazebo exclusively from polycarbonate, without the use of other construction materials, then metal pipes buried in the ground will be enough for the reliability and stability of the structure. They also serve as a frame and are the basis for holding the gazebo.

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