Greenhouse with polycarbonate (extended)

Greenhouse schemes


The advantages of a polycarbonate greenhouse are that due to the flexibility of the material, it is possible to build structures of any configuration and architectural form.

The simplest one is gable. This greenhouse is like a small house with walls and a roof. A more complex option is an arched greenhouse, in which there is no roof, and it itself is made in the form of a semicircle. Snow does not linger on such a structure, but the maximum amount of light gets inside in comparison with gable buildings. To build greenhouses with your own hands, you must first draw a drawing of the future design, or download ready-made schemes from the Internet. The finished drawings already indicate the dimensions of the building and the necessary building materials.



Assembling a polycarbonate greenhouse


After the foundation has already been installed, it’s time to move on to assembling the frame. It can be made of wood or metal. Polycarbonate adheres firmly to any substrate. One caveat – for this you need to use various accessories.


It is important to pay attention to the polycarbonate fasteners:


  • Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are fixed in such a way that the UV protection is outside. It is necessary to ensure that the stiffeners are in a vertical position, without distortions.


  • To fasten the polycarbonate to the frame, bolts with a rubber washer are screwed. This is to ensure that the polycarbonate is not damaged during installation.


  • Holes for fasteners are drilled in advance, they should be slightly larger, since polycarbonate tends to expand during operation.


  • To prevent the sheets from breaking during installation, holes for fasteners are made about 5 cm from the edge and repeat them evenly every 30 cm.

In order to prevent dirt, dust accumulation inside the polycarbonate cells and in order to prevent various insects getting in, a profile and special edge tapes are mounted along the edge of the sheets.





A greenhouse with the use of polycarbonate is a modern and reliable type of building necessary for high-quality growing of fruits and vegetables. It’s really possible to construct such a structure with your own hands. The main thing is to prepare schemes in advance and to purchase construction materials.


An important nuance: the choice of polycarbonate – it is necessary to choose a dense high-quality transparent material with a protective coating.

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