To create reliable structures, it is important to choose the right polycarbonate sheets. So it is vital to understand the coefficients specified by manufacturers and interpret them according to the specifics of your planned construction project.


If you plan to build a greenhouse, winter garden or conduct glazing of premises – be sure to pay attention to the Light transmission coefficient (%). This is expressed as a percentage and indicates the transparency of the material. For example, if the light transmission coefficient is 90%, this means that 90%, of the incoming light is transmitted by the sheets and only 10% is blocked. Such a material is considered highly transparent.


In addition to this coefficient, it is also important to pay attention to the Heat transmission (U (W/m2*K)) and Vapour permeability (δ) values. Thus, the U value indicates the material’s ability to retain heat; lower values are considered to indicate a higher energy efficiency of the material. While vapour permeability indicates the ability of polycarbonate to pass water vapour through its structure. Too high values can cause moisture loss and create unstable conditions for plant growth and development, which is especially critical in winter. Too low values cause excessive moisture and condensation, which can lead to fungal diseases in plants.


When constructing buildings that will use solar energy for heating, lighting or electricity generation, it is important to pay attention to the Total solar energy transmittance (g, %). Higher values of the coefficient indicate better penetration of solar energy through the material.


When selecting polycarbonate sheets for the construction of structures exposed to direct solar radiation, pay attention to the Thickness of the UV layer. The thicker the UV layer, the better the material is protected from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation. Thanks to the protective coating the original colour, brightness and transparency of the sheets is preserved longer.


In addition to these coefficients, there are others that are important to understand in order to conduct installation correctly.To learn more continue with the second part.



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