How to install polycarbonate? Detailed instructions (continued)

Installation of polycarbonate sheets on arched frames


To install polycarbonate sheets in arched greenhouses, the correct and most rational solution would be to use a split profile. It is easy to bend and quick to install, while creating an airtight fit, with a minimum amount of labor.


Minimum bending radius of polycarbonate


You can find out about the minimum permissible bending radius from the marking of the sheets – the manufacturing plant, as a rule, indicates this information. The thinner the polycarbonate sheet, the higher the bending radius. In the process of installing the material, it is necessary to strictly observe these indicators, without increasing or decreasing the specified radius. Only in this case the structure will be reliable, high quality and durable.


Transportation of polycarbonate


During transportation, polycarbonate sheets are stacked exclusively horizontally. A prerequisite for transportation is backing laying between each sheet to prevent scratches and cracks.


How to store polycarbonate sheets?


The quality of the construction material is also determined by the conditions of its storage. Polycarbonate sheets are stored only horizontally and exclusively on a flat and dry surface. To prevent scratches and cracks on the sheets, a special substrate in the form of dense layers of cardboard is placed between the plates.

In no case should polycarbonate be stored outdoors: where the bright sun or heavy rains falls on the sheets. It is forbidden to step on polycarbonate, as there are risks of damage, the material may burst or cracks may appear on it.


Cutting polycarbonate sheets 


A sharp cutting tool is required to prepare polycarbonate sheets of the required length for the future greenhouse. The ideal option is a circular saw. A hand tool with a cutting edge angle of 30° is also suitable.

The ends of the cut polycarbonate must be covered with adhesive tape, so that dirt and dust do not accumulate inside.



Polycarbonate greenhouse maintenance


In order for the greenhouse to have a long service life, polycarbonate sheets need proper and regular maintenance. The surface must be timely cleaned of dust and dirt with a damp cloth moistened with soapy water. During cleaning, it is forbidden to use sharp objects, since the risks of damage to the construction material are not excluded.

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